You’ve learnt to scuba dive, what next?

Whether you learnt to dive close to your home or somewhere warm and exotic on holiday, you may now decide you want to actually go and dive for fun. For so many people, learning to dive can be a lifetime achievement, it would be a huge shame if they never continued. The people you learnt with, may have nothing more to do with diving apart from teaching.

Wherever you live, there will be some scuba diving, somewhere. If you live inland, a long way from the sea, there will usually be a piece of inland water used for diving. This could be a lake or flooded quarry, a river or purpose made scuba diving venue. By searching the internet, you may be able to find a dive centre or dive club in your area.

Here at Atlantic Scuba, we welcome divers of all levels and from all agencies, after all we teach for most of them. When you contact us, we are willing to talk to you about the local diving scene. We organise local shore and boat dives, day trips and even week long dive holidays abroad. We do have a BSAC club as well as being part of a non-agency club. We can offer you a full set of equipment to hire, we can sell you a full set of kit if you want. Having your own kit is very useful, but, it is better to find out if you like the local diving, before spending your money on a set of scuba diving equipment. We will ask you about your diving experience so far, then help you to choose what to do next. Whether that is a dive off of the local beach or at an inland location, it could be a boat dive, or a pool session to review your dive skills. We won’t try to sell you another course until you need or want it. If you learnt abroad somewhere, paying to go on a local dive with a local guide is well worth the money. Technically, you are only qualified to dive in the conditions you learnt in, so if you learnt to dive in the Bahamas, you are not qualified to dive in Norway and vice versa. Although it is accepted that if you learn to dive in inclement conditions like they have in Norway or the U.K., you are usually more than competent to dive in warm tropical waters.

So, do not be concerned about what sort of response you will get, because you learnt in Koh Tao or Sharm el Sheik, we have dived at those places ourselves.