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SDI Wreck Diving Course

“Bill Nagle’s life changed the day a fisherman sat beside him in a ramshackle bar and told him about the mystery he had found lying at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean..” Shadow Divers, Robert Kurson

Wreck diving is the quintessential reason for many divers to dive at all. Wrecks have a huge attraction for their historical value, as a habitat for marine life and as a three-dimensional statement illustrating the power of the sea and storms to unravel even the best laid plans. There is little more thought provoking than floating weightless in the ocean looking down on the huge ragged left by a torpedo or the intact rope work of a schooner’s bosun dead more than 150 years. Wreck diving is a fantastic adventure.

Your SDI Wreck Diving Specialty course will help you to learn the basic skills and techniques that will open up a whole new world of opportunities to you. We will show you how to recognize some basic types of vessel, what special gear you need to wreck dive effectively, and what special hazards to look for and how to avoid them. Most of all, you will work with an SDI instructor to work at the skills and techniques you’ll need to become a real wreck diver.

When you are done with the academics of this course, you will meet with Atlantic Scuba. You will take part in a short review of your work here online and then begin the exciting part of any dive course… diving! You will get hands-on lessons in how to prepare yourself and your gear for your first dives into a whole new world of possibilities. What are you waiting for? Get Started Now for £65 (This is deducted from the full course price).

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Wreck Diver Course