Whelps Reef

The Whelps is a series of pinnacles heading south from Gull Rock, near Nare Head. A few of the pinnacles break the surface but there are many more heading out. Covered in anemones and sea fan corals it has depths to suit most.

Whelps reef has several diving options.

Holland Rock – Starting off at around 33m, the reef rises up steadily to around 15m, at the right sort if angle to stay away within and no decompression limits. Covered in anemones and corals, with gullies and swim-throughs, it is an awesome dive.

Whelps – For a shallower dive, divers can be dropped off closer to the rocks that break the surface. The tops of the rocks are covered in kelp but there are still steeply sided gullies covered in life. Depth range close to the rock is mainly less than 18m, heading out you can get deeper.

Dozier Range – A standalone flat topped pinnacle next to the Whelps, at one side it is around 18m deep, dropping off to 27m. The other side tops off around at 12m, dropping down to around 15m. Gullies, caves and rock piles make this an interesting site, especially with the covering of coals and sea life.