Wanting more cannon balls pt2

Dive Details

  • Launched from – Mylor
  • Boat used – Ena
  • Date – 10/11/07
  • Time – 16:12
  • Max Depth – 22.2m
  • Duration – 67 minutes
  • Temp – 13C
  • Rating – 4

Before we left home I had done some research on cannon balls and cannons. The last cannon ball that I brought up was just over 6″ in diameter, according to various places on the web they were 32lbs in weight. I could have weighed one on the bathroom scales, but the internet turns up some interesting information. Researching the cannons I found out their maximum range, I plotted this on my plotter and added the marks to my GPS. That was where we were going for our second dive. Cannons more than likely would have been tested at their maximum range for accuracy, if they could hit a target at maximum range they could hit one closer.

We made our way to my calculated position and jumped in. We went in in two waves, I was going down second this time. Within minutes a lift bag was on the surface, it was heavy. They had put 2 cannonballs into the bag and it was a dead weight to lift out of the water. I sent the empty bag and lift bag down their Surface Marker Buoy line. No more came to the surface, so I thought it must have been luck to land on two. The divers reached the surface and said there were loads down there, but lost touch with their line until the end of the dive. My turn. In I go, it wasn’t long before I smiled and found a cannon ball. I put it in the bag and sent it up the s.m.b. line to the surface, a couple of minutes later the bag was back down, I sent it back again. The floor was littered in cannon balls, I lifted nine on my dive as well as a bag of scallops. Paul, who was joining us for the day couldn’t believe how many were there, nor could any of us. The site wasn’t too interesting and we left a lot more cannon balls than we brought up. It’s nice when a plan comes together.