Volnay Wreck

SS Volnay was a 4,610grt, 285ft long defensively-armed British Merchant Ship. On the 14th December 1917 when on route from Montreal for Plymouth she hit a mine when 2 miles E by S from the Manacles, Cornwall. Owned by Gow, Harrison & Co, Glasgow. It tried to beach itself at Porthallow but didn’t make it and it sank in 22m. The general cargo of tinned meat, butter, jam, coffee, cigarettes, peanuts, potato crisps & timber has all disappeared, but the anti-personnel shells are still to be found. The lead shot from the shells are prolific around the site.

The wreck lays well broken after having allegedly been dynamited twice as a hazard to shipping, maybe it was to destroy the anti-personnel shells. The Volnay can be dived at all states of the tide and is only affected by easterly or southerly winds.

The dive can start at the Stern, the Boilers or the Bow, just ask if you have a preference.

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