Trefusis Head, HMS Torrid & The Queen

Trefusis Head is a very shallow reef within the Carrick Roads. Over the years several ships have come to grief there. The Queen dates back to Wellington’s battles with the French in the early 1800’s. It was carrying women, children and wounded soldiers when it came into Falmouth for shelter in 1814. The cables parted in a south easterly gale and it crashed onto the rocks. There is little left but every now and then a button or something small is found on the rocks. It is actually the site of the largest loss of human life at sea in Cornwall.

HMS Torrid was a battleship on its way to the scrap yard and as the Queen, came to Falmouth for shelter and crashed onto the rocks in a south easterly gale. Again little remains of the wreck, just a few steel plates sticking up a foot or two from the sea bed.