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Mark Milburn

Mark Milburn

SDI/TDI in date instructor, PSAI/SSI Qualified Instructor, NAS tutor, MicroDive Instructor Trainer, Trimix and multi CCR trained diver.

RYA powerboat instructor and Commercial Boat Skipper.

01326 618583 – 07866 510103


Mark learnt to dive on holiday in February 2000 and started diving in Cornwall a year later, when he bought his first Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat (RHIB), to go diving when and where he wanted. Since then he has completed thousand’s of dives around Cornwall, from depths ranging from near the surface down to 92m. He has also travelled and dived extensively abroad including Egypt, Thailand, Malta, Spain, Gibraltar, Maldives and the Canary Islands. Mark trained with several agencies including PADI, BSAC, TDI, DSAT, SDI , PSAI and SSI in courses such as Closed Circuit Rebreather, Advanced Trimix and Advanced Gas Blender, before becoming an instructor. He is now a qualified Instructor for SDI, TDI, SSI and PSAI as well as an Instructor Trainer for MicroDive. As well as the range of recreational courses readily available, he has also completed several Underwater Archaeological courses with the Nautical Archaeology Society, and is now a Nautical Archaeology Society Tutor, teaching their skills days and offering Field Work days. He has also completed an Underwater CSI & Forensics course with Crime Scene Investigators and Diver Technologists and is a Marine Mammal Medic with the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR). He now teaches only the dry courses of the SDI/TDI range of courses, advertised on the Atlantic Scuba website.

Mark usually completes between 300-400 dives a year, mainly in Cornwall, as he says ‘wherever I can go really’. The north coast is his preferred location but as Mark says, ‘it is more unreliable regarding the weather, compared to the Falmouth area, where I have based Atlantic Scuba.’

Over the years Mark has completed many boat handling and boat safety courses from both the RYA and Seafish (MCA), he is also a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Powerboat Instructor. Mark has also completed the two Wildlife Safe (WiSe) boat handling courses and is a member of the Fal Estuary Safety Committee Advisory Group. He was also listed as the ‘underwater resources’ for the Cornwall Search & Rescue Team (CSRT).

During 2016, Mark set up Cornwall Maritime Archaeology with maritime archaeologist and author, David Gibbins. This voluntary archaeology group intends to search and explore as many wrecks as possible. Showcasing their histories and any information that can be uncovered. He has also completed several on-line courses, including Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds, Exploring Our Oceans and the Archaeology of Portus.

In 2017 Mark completed the AIDA 2* Freediving course. Having worked with Ian Donald of FreediveUK for several years, Ian eventually persuaded Mark to do the 2* course. Achieving a depth of 17.3m with a breath hold of 3 minutes and 32s. He would like to try to complete the 3* course if he gets the time.

Often working alongside multi award winning and twice BAFTA nominated Jeff Goodman, Mark has had some success with his own underwater video footage, as well as his underwater photography, some of these are listed in the credits below.

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Article Credits:

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Press Releases:

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TV/Radio Appearances:

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Falmouth Underwater – Written and photography by Mark Milburn
5 Million Tides – Christian Boulton (A photo credit to Mark Milburn)


Wessex Archaeology – Helped with the survey of UC-92
Maritime Archaeology Trust – Supplied information and photos for a paper on the Falmouth U-Boats
David Gibbins – A mention in two of David’s books, Testament and Inquisition.
Nick Lyon – A mention in two of Nick’s books, A Divers Tale and The Forgotten Shipwreck.

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