Tecline Regulator Service Centre

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At Atlantic Scuba we are a qualified Tecline regulator service centre. We have all the tools required to service the whole range of Tecline regulators.

We carry a range of service kits and spares for most of the range regulators, we also carry stock of Tecline regulators.

To get your Tecline regulator serviced, give is a call – 01326 618583

TecLine Dealer

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We keep a wide range of Tecline regulators in stock at our shop on the Tecline stand.

View our range in our Online Shop.

Scubatech Co. Ltd. was established in 2002 by experienced instructors, Trimix and rebreather divers. The company manufactures a range of high quality regulators, dedicated for diving in difficult weather conditions which prevail in northern part of Europe. read more →