microdive school

Scuba Diving School, based in the UK.

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Our multi agency Scuba Diving school is unique in the U.K. Teaching courses from PADI, SDI, TDI, PSAI and Microdive with our five instructors, three male and two female. All our instructors are multi agency, four are PADI as well as either SSI, BSAC and RAID instructors. Not only do they all teach, they all dive in the UK outside of teaching.

Our diving school has constant access to our own boat, for doing specialist courses like boat diver, advanced open water, deep diver as well as advanced nitrox with deco procedures.

Our location in the UK means we have some of the warmest waters in the UK. Having two different facing coastlines, also usually gives us some protection from the winds. If everything fails we have three separate quarries we can dive.

Atlantic Scuba’s dive school also has a wide range of equipment and sizes for students to use.

If you are nervous going face to face, you can always contact us via out Facebook pages.

For diving schools uk, contact Atlantic Scuba.