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SDI Master Scuba Diver Course

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The SDI Master Scuba Diver Development Program was created to make true master divers. The program requires a new open water diver to complete four SDI or TDI Specialities, the SDI Rescue Diver Course, and log 50 dives. SDI feels a diver will be a true master scuba diver after these steps accomplished.

If you have completed most of these requirements, then visit the SDI Master Scuba Diver Development Course page. This page will take you from a non diver to a Master Scuba Diver.

The requirements are as follow:

  • Open Water
  • 4 Specialities
  • Rescue Diver
  • 50 logged dives

Our course recommendations are:

  • SDI Open Water Course, which is 4 dives
  • SDI Advanced Adventure Course, which is 5 dives. Completing 4 of the speciality dives as complete SDI specialities (Deep, Navigation, Advanced Buoyancy and Boat are recommended) extra 4 dives from the specialities.
  • SDI Rescue Diver, which is classed as 2 dives
  • 35 shore or boat dives.

To complete the 35 extra dives, is not quick task. At Atlantic Scuba, we quite often go on shore dives around Cornwall. We also have our own boat, which goes out at least once a week, all year round. I the summer, our boat could be going out 7 days a week. The time it takes to complete the 35 dives depends on your availability and finances. Shore diving is relatively cheap, especially if you have your own equipment. Boat diving is more expensive but takes you to more interesting and exciting dive sites.

So, if you fancy becoming an SDI Master Scuba Diver, give us a call now.