Pressure Testing and Calibration Technician (DESTCo)

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This course on pressure testing and calibration of accessories is intended to give the candidate the information required to conduct a pressure test and check the calibration of accessories, whilst utilising correct operations procedures in a competent manner.

As a result, the candidate will become familiar with the following:

  • Recording the item for pressure check / calibration

  • Frequency of calibration

  • Understanding the operations procedures

  • Knowledge of reliable comparatives

  • Recording pressure check and calibration results

  • Pressure check/calibration certification

A hands on approach will be adopted during the courses and the candidate will have the opportunity to pressure check a selection of accessories.The purpose of pressure testing diving accessories is not intended as just being a “money making” service, on the contrary.

Whilst charging the client a service charge, pressure testing and calibration will identify any problems with such items as;

  • Depth gauges

  • Dive watches

  • Dive computers

  • Torches

  • Cameras

  • Any other diving accessory that relies on “O’” ring seals

The accuracy of depth gauges and computers is a major diver safety issue and should be addressed on a regular basis, as are the requirements to retest transportable pressure vessels (Cylinders) and diving regulator systems.

This course was designed and created by DESTCo.

Dive Centre Technician (SDI/TDI)

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The Dive Centre Technician course is a combination of several industry standard courses including:

These courses are accepted in most countries around the world as being suitable to work as a technician in a dive centre. Some countries will operate their own system for cylinder testing, like the U.K. These courses will give you a reasonable amount of skill and information in each of their relative fields.