Kent Tooling Stainless Steel Products

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Kent Tooling are a small U.K. based manufacturer of stainless steel diving accessories. They make a range of reels, backplates, brackets, twinset and rebreather accessories.

At Atlantic Scuba we stock a small range of Kent Tooling reels and some accessories, all other items are available to order.

Most of our staff use their reels because they last and are virtually indestructible.

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Bigblue Dive Lights

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Bigblue Dive Lights entered the dive light market in 2007 introducing their first light models at the DEMA show in Orlando that year. The unique shape, colour and functionality established by those first-year models set the standard for the Bigblue brand. Each year Bigblue has continued to build upon the reputation for innovation, performance, and quality becoming the only dive light manufacturer to aggressively pursue new innovations in recreational lights, technical lighting products, and lights designed for photo and video needs. Utilizing the latest in LED technology, and incorporating creative accessory designs. Browse the BigBlue website. read more →