Where to Start?

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘Where do I start?’

If you are unsure about learning to dive you can complete the ‘Scuba Discovery ‘ session. This involves some basic lessons on the theory side, followed by a sea dive. This is not a qualification course, just a’ taster’ session.

The Open Water Course is the first step and teaches you the basics of SCUBA diving. You will learn what the various pieces of equipment do and how to use them safely. The maximum depth for an Open Water diver is 18m (adult) or 12m (child), to go deeper you will need to go to the next stage. Although there are plenty of things to dive and see shallower than 18m, it is roughly where the kelp stops and things become more colourful and interesting.

So, after the Open Water Course, you can either start on some of the specialities or go on to the Advanced Adventure Diver Course .

Once you have completed the Advanced Adventure Diver course, more specialities are open to you, as well as the Rescue Diver Course, you will need a first aid qualification. Or, if you prefer, you could go down the Technical Diving route.

From the Rescue Diver qualification you can either head towards the Advanced Diver, which is issued on completion of 5 specialities, or the Divemaster Course, which is the first step on the professional ladder, which might get you work at dive schools around the world.

Once you become a Divemaster, you can complete the Assistant Instructor Course. Following that, you can then take the Instructor Course and start instructing yourself.

You can start your diving lessons today. Give us a call to arrange your theory sessions, whether that is on-line, or, with good old fashioned books.