Stanwood Wreck

The Stanwood was a 4158 ton steamship, that had been confiscated from the Germans at the end of the Great War (WW1). It was used for carrying cargo for many years, until one day in December 1939, it caught fire. It was then towed to the north bank in the Carrick Roads where they opened the sea cocks to flood the ship to put the fire out and let it rest in 10m.  The idea was to the re-float it, but, it fell over and ended up sliding down the bank. After some heavy salvage the remains were dynamited to remove the hazard to shipping.

The wreck of the Stanwood is best dived on a High Water slack, but can be dived whenever the water isn’t moving much. It is commonly dived as a fall back dive when the sea is a bit rough. The depth ranges from 10-25m and is suitable for most divers.

ss Stanwood being salvaged

ss Stanwood being salvaged

Dive Reports

S.S. Stanwood