St Just Pool/Kat’s Wall

St Just Pool refers to an area within the Carrick Roads, it’s where the deep river channel turns from south to west causing a deep pool. Although we wouldn’t class it as one of our better dive sites, it is in an extremely sheltered area. With depths ranging from 4m to 30m, it is a ‘fall back’ dive site for when the sea is too rough to venture out. It usually has some interesting life including Thornback Rays, Hermit Crabs and Variegated Scallops. Rumour has it that there is some remains of a Sunderland Flying Boat in there somewhere, although we’ve never seen it, yet.

Kat’s Wall is a small area within St Just Pool that is covered in marine life. The dive starts at between 15-18m, the top of the wall is around 20m, the bottom at 25. The quantity of marine life is amazing.