SDI Visual Inspection Course eLearning

International Training VIP Inspector Elearning Course

International Training Visual Inspection Procedures

Become a high-pressure cylinder inspector today! The International Training Visual Inspection Procedures eLearning program allows a VIP Inspector candidate to complete much of the academic requirements of the course at their own pace and on their own time. This is the first step for an individual who wishes to learn to the skills necessary to complete visual inspections on high-pressure cylinders in compliance with OSHA regulations. You will have access to the information provided in this eLearning program indefinitely after your training has been completed.

The Visual Inspector Procedures Inspector course is a two step process:

  • Step one is to complete this self-study academic program. This program will acquaint you with the history, rules and regulations, potential risks, and safe handling of high-pressure cylinders. It will also review fill station operations, compressor use and maintenance as well as identifying fill pressures, hydrostatic test stamps, and special markings on cylinders. This on-line program will also cover elements of valve repair, O2 cleaning cylinders, and the basis for performing visual inspections on composite, steel and aluminium cylinders
  • Step two is to print out the on-line course completion certificate and your course progress report and meet with an active International Training Visual Inspection Procedures Instructor.  Your instructor will review questions and concepts that were missed throughout the course exams to ensure 100 percent re-mediation of the materials. Once that is completed, your instructor will demonstrate and then evaluate skills and tools necessary to determine if a cylinder can remain in service and be safely filled and used. Upon successful completion of the practical evaluation with an Instructor, registrations will be submitted for processing, and you will receive your VIP Inspector certification.

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