SDI Rescue Diver eLearning

The ability and confidence to provide aid and assistance to another person is the true measure of a qualified rescue diver. There are an almost infinite number of scenarios that can require a practiced response to help another diver in trouble. Diving is conducted in a variety of settings, each with their own specific situations that can dictate how we interact to provide that help. How a diver deals with these situations can mean the difference between a smooth learned response to stress that neutralizes the problem… or allows it to escalate into panic or survival lessons.

This course provides the information to help you learn and master independent diver skills for self-help as well as being able to assess and respond to others.

Subject areas include:

  • Dive planning
  • Equipment Preparation
  • Emergency Skills and Rescue Techniques
  • Panic Scenarios
  • Causes of Accidents
  • Response to Emergency Situations
  • Applied Physiology
  • Search and Recovery
  • Recompression Chambers and Therapy
  • First Aid

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SDI Rescue Diver Course.