SDI Divemaster Theory On-line

This course details the overall body of knowledge and skills that the candidate seeking professional certification as an SDI Divemaster is expected to have a firm understanding of.

The information addressed here likely will be viewed by the typical reader as both vast in content and varied in scope; and, as the reader quickly will recognize, each of these topics also is critically important.

Of course, in addition to mastery of the information in this course, successful completion of this program requires a significant personal commitment on the part of each candidate, as he or she makes the developmental transition from diver to dive professional.

Along the way, the candidate undoubtedly will benefit from the insightful guidance and careful mentoring of one or more knowledgeable and experienced instructors involved in the presentation of this program.

At SDI-TDI, we are committed to offering the highest quality programs supported by the latest materials, with the most up to date practical information and innovative techniques, while our instructors and other dive leaders are held to the highest standards to ensure quality training in all SDI and TDI programs conducted worldwide.

Though this is perhaps one of the most intensive programs in the SDI-TDI curriculum, we trust that you will find it enjoyable as well, and we sincerely look forward to welcoming you into the ranks of our SDI-TDI professional membership.