RHIB Support Boat, Wreck Hunter

Atlantic Scuba owns and operates a RHIB (Ridged Hulled Inflatable Boat) as a support boat.

‘Wreck Hunter’ is used as a support vessel to either Stingray or Moonshadow, it is not coded for commercial use but can be used in conjunction with either. It can carry any extra equipment that may be required, whether that may be diving equipment, filming or survey equipment. It has a reasonable sized deck area for it’s size and it is fitted with a single Mariner 75HP 2 stroke engine, it is fast, reliable.

Available only for hire alongside one of our coded vessels, and only for equipment carrying use.

Wreck Hunter

Wreck Hunter

Wreck Hunter can be launched from almost anywhere in Cornwall. To wherever our coded vessels are required.

Price On Application.

Wreck Hunter on BBC1

Wreck Hunter, as seen on BBC1

Wreck Hunter has been used as a support vessel for various projects, a glimpse of it in action was spotted on BBC 1 South West’s Inside Out.

When not in use as a support vessel, we use it for personal use, hunting wrecks, hence the name, ‘Wreck Hunter’.