Retail Shop

Our Dive Centre and retail shop is located at Unit 1, Trenoweth Business Park, Mabe, Falmouth, TR10 9JH. The retail shop has a range of new as well as some second hand diving equipment for your everyday diving needs.

We have ranges from a variety of manufacturers, trying to get either the best dive gear or the best value for money. We can get almost any item to order from the manufacturers we deal with, within a few days, normally. We plan not to just stock ‘run of the mill’ items, certain stock line will be normally ‘hard to find’ in retail shops.

Some of the Hard to find items include ‘Pro Force Fins’, Eezycut’s Trilobite, Tektite strobes, Kent Tooling Reels to name a few.

Our suppliers include Poseidon, Northern Diver, Sopras Sub, Big Blue Lights, Ursuit drysuits, SharkSkin, Aquabionic, IST, ScubaTech, Tecline, Ratio Dive Computers, Kwark under suits, Dive Rite, UK (Underwater Kinetics) Lights, Bowstone, Kent Tooling, Lumb Bros, Greenforce, Pinnacle, Sea & Sea, Eezycut, Beaver, Seac Sub, Problue, Bladefish, Nanuk and Force Fins.

We also have an online shop showing our stocked lines as well as some non-stocked but order-able products.

P1080153We have a large range of second hand equipment including :-

BCD’s, Regulators, Semi dry wetsuits, Cylinders from 3L to 15L, Masks, snorkels, clips, reg bags, octopus’s, gauges, consoles, compasses, strobes, weight retainers just to name a few of the items available.

All equipment is tested/checked and will be demonstrated in the shop as in good working order, only Poseidon and Sopras Sub equipment will be serviced (with certificates). Cylinders are sold with a new test and certificate. Sales of 2nd hand equipment are subject to accepting that the equipment should be serviced by qualified personnel before use.

We can post 2nd hand equipment but obviously we can not demonstrate items as being in good working order.

All 2nd hand equipment comes with a 30 day replacement guarantee.