Regulator Servicing

Although our team are experienced and qualified at servicing many makes of regulators, including Mares, Scubapro, Oceanic, Apeks, Sherwood, IST, Dive Rite, Dacor, Poseidon, Tecline, Scubatech and Sopras Sub, due to the restrictions of U.K. importers, we can only get service kits for the makes we are suppliers of. We are in partnership with a large service centre, that can service most makes of regulators for us though, at very competitive rates.

In house, we currently only have parts for, and service kits for: Poseidon regulators, Scubatech regulators, Tecline regulators, IST regulators, Dive Rite regulators and Sopras Sub regulators.

At Atlantic Scuba we are classed as a:
Poseidon service centre.
Tecline service centre.
Scubatech service centre.
Sopras Sub service centre.
Dive Rite service centre.
IST service centre.

Our partner centre covers most other makes.