Poseidon Premium Dealer

As Poseidon Premium Dealers we stock a range of Poseidon equipment including regulators, masks, bags, semi dry suits, wings and harnesses.

We are also a Poseidon Service centre, trained in servicing most of the Poseidon equipment range.


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The Poseidon story

The Poseidon company was founded in 1958 in Gothenburg, Sweden, by Dennis Österlund and  Ingvar Elvström. It was the first in the world to produce a single hose regulator, the breathing apparatus used by nearly every recreational diver ever since. The original name – Aqua Sports – was changed as the company began to look at new markets for its products.

Today, Poseidon exports to almost every country in the world, bringing the ultimate in diving gear to demanding recreational divers, rescue divers and the military. Manufacturing and research have taken place at the company’s modern factory and test facility on the outskirts of Gothenburg since the mid-80s.

The last few years have marked the latest chapter of the Poseidon story, with new owners, new investment, and the decision to develop a new generation of diving apparatus – the Discovery re-breather.

The history of recreational diving
Diving as we know it began with military divers breathing pure oxygen at limited depths. In the 1940s, Jacques Cousteau changed diving forever by introducing the aqualung and skin-diving, and in 1958 Poseidon instigated further dramatic progress with the launch of its revolutionary new regulator.

In the early 80s, American NASA engineer Dr Bill Stone had the idea of applying the principles used for astronauts’ breathing apparatus to measure and control the amount of oxygen in a re-breather at changing depths. In 2005 Poseidon created a project team of Swedish and U.S. engineers, under the leadership of Dr. Stone and Jonas Brandt, with a mandate to develop the re-breather concept for recreational divers.

The world’s first recreational rebreather
The Poseidon Discovery is a rebreathing system designed for recreational divers. Exhaled air is purified of CO2, refreshed with a carefully measured amount of oxygen, and recirculated.

The diver breathes warm gas and since the air is retained in the breathing loop, there are no bubbles, which means that natural experience is reinforced. The Discovery is designed, made and tested at Poseidon’s Gothenburg factory. For additional safety and quality control, each one is test-dived before sale.

The Poseidon product range
Poseidon has a record of innovation stretching over more than 50 years. Today’s product range includes world-beating regulators, drysuits, ABC equipment, buoyancy compensators, and a host of add-ons and accessories. But whether it’s developing products, creating software, or supporting training programmes, at the end of the day, Poseidon stands for just three things.

Quality, safety, and performance.