• Big Blue Dive Lights

    Big Blue Dive Lights

    Some of the best torch, video lights and combined torch/video lights on the market.

  • Kwark Undersuits

    Kwark Undersuits

    Not only warm but really flexible. You will not be restricted doing shutdowns or putting you fins on with these undersuits.

  • Tecline Regualtors

    Tecline Regulators

    With some unique designs and competitive prices, Tecline have a regulator to suit everyone.

  • OrcaTorch

    OrcaTorch make a range of hand held and battery cannister lights.

    Made and designed by divers for divers.

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Atlantic Scuba Shop

We have a small shop carrying a range of dive gear, some of the shop items are in stock, some may be drop shipped.

Due to the nature of the current market, many online retailers have no actual premises. Most carry no stock but rely on drop-shipping. Our shop stock range is relatively small, we organise items to be drop shipped when items are not in stock.