Mylor Yacht Harbour and Diving Information

Moonshadow and Moonray are both kept at Mylor Yacht Harbour, here is some information on both Mylor, the boats and how we operate from there.

Mylor Yacht Harbour

Mylor Yacht Harbour is situated just outside Falmouth, TR11 5UF, within the Carrick Roads (the Fal river estuary). It has many facilities that makes it a great place to base for a dive boat.

There is plenty of parking available, there is a small car park as soon as you reach the bottom of the hill, Admiralty Quay. There is also lots of parking either side of the half mile long valley (boat lay-up area), which is passed the berth holders car park. Do not park in the berth holders car park, which is behind the café.

There are public toilets next to Café Mylor. Outside the berth holders toilet/shower block, there is a warm water kit wash.

Café Mylor has some excellent food, they are used to people in wetsuits going in to order food, we usually sit outside though, with a view over the harbour. Castaways is a very good, quality restaurant.

Below is an aerial photo of Mylor Yacht Harbour (courtesy of the Channel Coastal Observatory), various features are coloured, see the legend below.

Click to enlarge

Green – Car Park (pay & display, £7 all day)
Red – Our Trolleys (behind the berth holders car park pay & display machine)
Cyan – Café Mylor
Blue – Boat (loading/pick up location)

Where will the boat be?

The boat will be situated at the blue marked area on the aerial photograph above. It is a permanent berth, so unless we are out diving, it will be in this position alongside.

What does R.O. mean?

R.O. stands for Ropes Off, the time the boat plans to leave the quayside. So get there beforehand, an hour before works well, to get your kit ready and on the boat before that time.

How long will we be out?

We rarely do two dives per trip, unless asked or have a group booked. So most trips are just one dive. We normally state 2.5-3 hours for a recreational dive trip. So not too long to wait for the café.

Can we get fills between dives?

The basic answer is no, Mylor is 15 minutes away from Atlantic Scuba’s shop. It will take an hour to go from Mylor, open the yard and the shop, fill the cylinders, close the shop & yard and drive back. If you are doing two or more dives, either bring enough for the dives or we can bring cylinders to Mylor at £10 per full cylinder.

Can we get fills before the morning dive?

The answer to this is also no. We leave around 8:30 to go to Mylor and get the boat ready, getting up an hour earlier to fill a cylinder, will start us off on the wrong foot.

Can we hire cylinders?

Yes, as long as we have at least a day’s notice and not before we are about to leave the harbour. Any hire cylinders will be brought down to Mylor but NOT loaded onto the boat.

A Typical Day.

The boat leaves the harbour at either 10am, 2pm or 6pm. A two dive day will start with a 10am ropes off (RO). Night/evening dives have a ropes off at 6pm.

The crew and most divers will arrive around 9am, an hour before ropes off time. Divers should transfer their kit to the marina berth. We have our own trolleys, which, as long as they are not required by other divers on our boat, can be left on the marina pontoon. Then park in the first car park (Admiralty Quay) or up the valley passed the berth holders car park. Most will then suit up before heading to the boat, although there is ample room for suiting up on Moonshadow, less room on Moonray. If you need a trolley to move your kit, we have our own which are located behind the Pay & Display machine in the berth holders car park (blue handled trollies). They are padlocked together with a combination lock, the code is for our customers only, just ask. Only use these trollies, not the MYH trollies. Quite a few divers now bring their own folding sack trucks to move their kit around. We can store folding sack trucks under the deck of Moonshadow, on the deck of Moonray or left on the pontoon with our trolleys. If we are staying out for 2 dives, bring food and two tanks, we have hot drinks on board and a toilet.

The boat will head out and the dive site location, unless already agreed, we be decided on the sea state. We will visit any requested sites, if the conditions are suitable. Maximum in water time is 60 minutes, unless the whole boat has been booked for the purpose of doing longer or technical dives. After the dive(s), the boat will head back to Mylor to our berth. 

Please be considerate of the Mylor Yacht Harbours customers and staff, try not to block their path.

RHIB diving. 

The following only really applies to the RHIB. RHIB diving is a very effective and efficient way of scuba diving from a boat. RHIBs are usually much faster than hard boats, they can be more economical. Here are some of the questions we get frequently asked about RHIBs:

How do you get back on the boat?

Our RHIB has a ladder at the stern connected to the frame. You can choose whether or not you keep your fins on or not.

Where’s the toilet?

Unfortunately, this is one area RHIBs lose against hard boats. We don’t have one. 

If we are doing two dives, what do we do with our kit?

The RHIB does not have room to store the extra cylinders, so we will return to harbour. Leave your kit on the boat, just switch cylinders.

Where do we put stuff we want to keep dry?

To be honest, your car will be best. The is very little dry storage on a RHIB. We have a dry box to place your car keys but that’s about it.

If you have any other questions about diving from our boats, please contact us.