Magnetometer & Side Scan Surveys

Atlantic Scuba owns two proton precession Magnetometers for detecting ferrous objects underwater. Our Planet Electronics MX500 Proton Magnetometer is a high quality Nuclear Magnetic Resonance scanner.  When towed behind our rhibs it can be used to find wrecks/wreckage or even cannons at various depths depending on the size and shape of the object. Our Aquascan AX100 is a more compact unit with similar capabilities to the MX500. By simultaneously using both our boats with both magnetometers, we can cover large areas very quickly.

Using different searching patterns for different conditions, we should be able to find it, if it is there. The only problem is that some of our local rocks contain iron, these can be misleading.

Our boats are also fitted with a Lowrance HDS-10 Side Imaging Scanner. The HDS-10 can be used to help identify objects in shallow water i.e. less than 30m.

Side scan image of the ss Volnay wreck

Side scan image of the ss Volnay wreck

shot 3

Downscan image of an unnamed reef.

We also have a simple 30m rated remotely operated vehicle (ROV), a 20m drop camera, two underwater metal detectors and on it’s way soon, a divers hand held magnetometer. For fast underwater searches we use underwater diver propulsion vehicles (DPV’s), fitted with compact sports cameras to record the search.

For underwater search and recovery over large areas, we are having a towed video sled manufactured. The video sled as well as the ROV output can be recorded via our compact digital video recorder (DVR), as well as watched by a first person view (FPV) personal screen.