Lanzarote 2012

We had been to Lanzarote a couple of times before and had enjoyed the island and the diving, it was time to return. Technically it is the same piece of water as at our home in Cornwall – UK, just a bit further south. The sea temperature would be around 22 at this time of year, nine degrees warmer than home, we still took our dry suits.

Almost as soon as we arrived we made our way to Marina Rubicon Diving Center, the company we had dived with last time. Most dive centres in Lanzarote take you shore diving, Rubicon do it all from ribs, so no long mini bus trips. As we were travelling with non diving friends we only booked alternate dive days. I say days, it’s actually two dives per morning with free nitrox, we’d be back for lunchtime. So six dives booked. Time for a rest, we’d been travelling and missed a lot of sleep. After a quick siesta we had a swim in the hotel pool, unheated but warm enough, just. There was a heated indoor pool which we also tried, it felt really hot by comparison. We had booked the hotel even though the food had been criticised by so many on Tripadvisor. We could always eat out if it was as bad as the reviews. That evening we met at the restaurant at 7pm, opening time. The food looked OK and tasted OK and there was plenty of it, where was the problem?

The following morning we were collected at 8:30am, just enough time to catch breakfast beforehand. Our hotel was so close we didn’t need collecting but it was handy for moving our kit over. We set our gear up at the shop and loaded the boat literally a few metres away. Our first dive was going to be Flamingo wall, we had dived this on a previous trip and it was covered in life that time. Today was no different, there were many shoals of fish and an angel shark, the visibility was not the best due to recent weather conditions but was still around 15m. After the dive it was back to the dive centre for tea and cakes, then change the cylinder and off out for dive two. We were originally told it would be twin pipes, when we dived there were no pipes. The site had change to the Tongue, called because of the shape or the old lava flow. I think I was talking and missed the brief. We swam around watching the fish, vis was a little better than the earlier dive getting closer to 20m. We saw a large spotted ray and a Moray eel, as well as the normal species such as wrasse and shoals of smaller fish. Back to the shop and back at the hotel for 1pm. What to do now? The hotel pool was quite large and inviting, so we went for a swim again.

Our second day was a non diving day, so we hired mountain bikes and went sightseeing. Ten miles on paths and roads the another ten miles off road. A stop at a beach for a cooling swim part way helped a lot in the heat.

Another dive day, today’s dives would be ‘Atlantis’ and Punta Berrugo. Atlantis was certainly different, straight fingers of lava flow which looked more like ruined walls of buildings. Most were straight some were slightly curved, some were a mere few inches across some were a couple of feet. We saw a small Spotted Ray swimming and a Butterfly Ray nestled in the sand. A dive site that was definitely different. Punta Berrugo wasn’t much different from the Tongue, nothing much to shout about apart from the large octopus at the end but pleasant enough. We requested Los Corallados and the wrecks for our last day of diving in two days time. Back to the hotel and then a snorkel at Playa Dorada in the afternoon.

Another non diving day so we hired a car drove around seeing some of the sights, like Mirador del Rio. Then a spot on the beach for another swim.

Out last dive day, the wrecks and Los Corallados. The wrecks changed to a cave and a wreck, no problem. As we anchored up we noticed a but of current running, expected to be at the surface only, we jumped in. Ruth struggled to swim into the current so I jumped in and we just descended. Making our way back to the anchor line underwater, where there was little current, we hung around for a while waiting for the guide. We didn’t realise that he was looking for us, after being told we jumped in and drifted off! We then headed towards the cave, a small cave that had some interest, especially if you had a torch and macro lenses on you camera, I didn’t but got some ambient looking out shots. Onto the wreck. The small wooden wreck on the edge of the reef wasn’t big but I liked it. The wrecks propshaft and its propeller was in place, most of the wooden hull was broken and a little scattered. It was cool. Our last dive was Los Corallados, a long finger of lava that had eroded away in places. There is one area you can swim underneath, near to that is a small hole in the top where you could drop down inside and exit through the north side. A bit of fun. There are some very large anemones on Los Corallados, like dahlia anemones but huge. Plenty of fish and a couple of octopus to play with, we also spotted the only nudibranch of the week. Another interesting site that I could do again and not get bored. The end of the week.

Only six dives but six easy fun dives in clear water, my computer registered 22C for most of the diving. Marina Rubicon Diving Center has a great setup and is in a great location. Most diving is done off of one of their two RIBS and includes free nitrox for nitrox qualified divers. Their local dives sites are all around 18-20m in depth with some deeper stuff a little longer ride on the boat. Our hotel was very convenient for the dive centre and was perfectly adequate. We would be quite happy to return again next year or even next week to visit both again.