Juvenile lobster releases

Scuba Divers have released over 300 juvenile lobsters onto the Manacles Reef.

A volunteer team of six scuba divers, organised by Mark Milburn of Atlantic Scuba, collected over 300 juvenile lobsters from the National Lobster Hatchery in Padstow. They then transported them by boat from Mylor Yacht Harbour to the Manacles Reef, where they were to be released into the wild. The lobsters were taken underwater to the sea bed by the volunteer divers, then carefully released into areas where they are known to thrive. Mark Milburn of Atlantic Scuba said he thought the Manacles was an ideal place for the juvenile lobsters to be released, eventually benefiting both the fishing and diving community.

The day had started off with a phone call from the regional BDMLR co-ordinator at 7am, there was a dolphin stranded on Gyllyngvase Beach in Falmouth. A woman called Cherilyn had seen the dolphin around 6 – 6:15am, she entered the water to help it. 45 minutes later she was joined by two joggers, then the MCA were contacted and they contacted BDMLR. Everything was done to help, even a 30 minute re-float but the dolphin didn’t respond. It was a sad end.

Since this press release was issued, we have made three more trips our with the baby lobsters.

1,100 were released on the Old Wall Reef

1,200 were released on the Hera Wreck

450 were released on the Volnay Wreck

The National Lobster Hatchery said they are happy with our efforts and we will continue to release baby lobsters, throughout the foreseeable future.

Over the years we have continued to release more and more, as of 01/01/2016, we have released in excess of 20,000 juvenile lobsters.