Hera bouts

Back again

Our usual Friday night dive found us back on the Hera again. It was by Colin’s request as it was going to be his wife’s first boat dive, at least the Hera is quite shallow and very pretty, normally.

We left the quay at 6pm with most of the usual suspects. The weather had been a little windier than normal and the sea was not as flat as our previous visits. But, this was counterbalanced by Ben’s diving attire, which took our minds off the conditions. Ben had decided that he was going to do it the ‘Man’s Way’, old two hose regulator, 2 piece semi dry with a beaver tail top, old fashioned mask, knife, backplate, alloy cylinder, the oldest fins he had and no BCD. He looked like Jacques Cousteau, if the suit had been black with a yellow stripe he could have been his twin. He had used this equipment before, in a quarry!

We arrived at the site and I jumped in as soon as the shot entered the water. During my descent I noticed that the visibility didn’t look as good as before, typical, as I had planned to try and get a good wide angle shot of the ‘A’ frame I keep mentioning, hopefully with all the Plumose Anemones out. It wasn’t looking good. As I reached the bottom I could make out the ‘A’ frame, but only just, the visibility was quite bad and the current was running, which we expected. Normally all the Anemones come out when the current runs, for some reason they were all closed, so not only could I not get a descent picture of the ‘A’ frame, I couldn’t get on of the Anemones either.

As I sat at the bottom I tried to get shots of the divers as they arrived, but again the vis wasn’t good enough. I managed to get around the wreck, but without too many photos. I then headed towards the other part of the wreck, its in a north easterly direction from the ‘A’ frame, but decided that it wasn’t going to be any good for photography, apart from Ben’s ‘Man’s diving’ setup and headed back to the ‘A’ frame area. I then switched to macro to photograph the anemones that were out around the ‘A’ frame, gradually watching the other divers return to the shot and make their ascents. Eventually I decided I had had enough and made my way up.

The only thing I did notice on this dive, that I haven’t noticed before, was the fact there was some live Maerl around the site, I had seen the dead Maerl before, but there was quite a bit of live Maerl this time.