Hard Boat Charter – Moonray – ProCharter 35 Dive Boat

Moonray is the newest edition to our fleet.

Atlantic Scuba already owns and operates it’s own 10m hard boat, Moonshadow and now owns a 10.7m hard boat, Moonray. Moonray is available for full charter for one dive, two dives or for full day bookings. It also runs scheduled dives, where individuals can book on, for a 1 or 2 dive trip. ‘Moonray’ is a Category 2 MCA coded vessel, licensed to carry ten people, including two crew. It is fitted with a reliable Cummins 355HP engine, it is both spacious, comfortable and fast.

Available for diver training, wreck diving, reef diving, Nitrox diving, Night Diving, Trimix diving, technical diving, free-diving, freediver training, sightseeing, wildlife ventures & surveys, commercial hire, film and media work, local maritime historic/archaeological surveys & research anywhere along the south Cornish coast. Moonray has a good sized rear deck area, which is very useful for camera crews or scientific equipment. It also is licensed and insured for light workboat duties, so it can carry almost any amount of camera gear or any other required equipment.

Moonray has a hot water heater to make tea, coffee or hot chocolate (included). It also has a toilet (heads) accessible from the deck area as well as a diver lift.

Dive Equipment Hire

***Multi day charter cylinder filling arranged at your convenience via our dive centre near Falmouth***

**** Cylinder and weight system hire also available ****


Moonray can change it’s operating base away from Mylor by request. Base locations can include Penzance, Mevagissey, Fowey or Plymouth. It is capable and commercially coded to go up to 60 miles from a safe haven, so can cover the whole of the Cornish Coast if needed. The Cat 2 coding includes night time use.

All single dive prices are based on a maximum of 3 hours on the water, within roughly 7 miles of Black Rock. This area is what we class as our normal operating area, which is the Hera wreck to the east and the Manacles to the south. Fuel surcharges apply beyond our normal operating area.

Spaces on scheduled Dive Trips for Stingray, Moonshadow and Moonray are usually listed on a Monday evening, on our Facebook group – Falmouth RHIB and Hard Boat Diving.

Charter Prices

The following prices do not include the cost of changing Moonray’s operating base location away from Mylor.

Full Boat Charter

£360 per single dive.

£660 per day (2 dives, not returning to port between dives).

Full day charter, maximum 8 hours on water: £800, after 8 hours at sea, a charge of £60 per hour is incurred.

So, whether you need a boat for scuba diving, freediving, snorkelling or sightseeing, call us and see what we can do for you.


As a WiSe Master accredited operator we can safely take you out to try and find the various wildlife that lives or visits our area. For more information have a look at our Wildlife Watching page.


Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully, sign/date and return.

Whether confirmed by completion or not, booking by email, text , message or verbally, you are governed by these Terms and Conditions as outlined below


A provisional booking can be made either by telephone or via email. This provisional booking is valid for 7 days. In which time you must send completed signed/dated copies of our Booking Form and Terms & Conditions Form, together with the appropriate deposit. After 7 days your provisional booking may be cancelled.

Full Day Charter – Payment of the balance is to be received no later than 4 weeks prior to the charter date.


Your deposit will only be refunded if you give us 12 weeks or more notice. After this period the deposit will be lost. If you cancel with 6 weeks or less notice, you will be billed the entire charter fee.

This refund is subject to any special fees already paid in advance.

Charters – If the weather dictates that we cannot leave the Carrick Roads, we will dive on a wreck/reef within the roads, then the charter is seen to be fulfilled. If we do cancel due to unsuitable conditions, an alternative date will firstly be offered subject to availability, if this is unsuitable, a refund will be issued.

We strongly recommend all divers take out holiday insurance to cover the cost of the trip, should you have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.


We operate a NO SMOKING RULE aboard. We are responsible for the vessel and the life saving equipment located on board. Oxygen and other first aid equipment is located on board, but we reserve the right to charge for any item(s) used.  


All dives over circa 40m will be classed as a one dive day. A recreational diving day will typically consist of a wreck dive followed by a shallower second dive (either a non-tidal wreck, reef or drift dive). All charters are based on a maximum of a 14 mile round trip per day. Over this amount, we reserve the right to charge for excess fuel used (currently £5 per mile). If requesting specific dive sites, we will endeavour to fulfil your request. However, the weather (amongst other things) is out of our control and if circumstances are, that we cannot dive the requested site, we will offer you the next best alternative dive site.  


We check the weather forecast many times. Including two days prior to your booking, and again the early evening of the day before your booking. Generally, no decision will be made regarding the weather conditions before 18:00 on the day before your booking. We appreciate leaving it late can cause disruption but the 18:00 is the latest weather update we use. We all know how much the weather can change in 24 hours.



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