GoPro Video Course with Jeff Goodman

GoPro video courses with Jeff Goodman

The GoPro has certainly come of age and is revolutionizing underwater filming in terms of quality, cost and camera size. Although the ‘point and shoot’ or ‘leave it running’ approach to using these cameras can sometimes be effective, there is a lot more that can be achieved with knowledge and planning. But getting to grips with the camera is not all we cover. In addition we look at lighting techniques which will bring your images to life with brightness and colour.

Combining briefings in the classroom with practical in-water sessions, our aim is for you to produce high quality and dramatic images of the underwater world. Our sea dives are from a RHIB (Ridged Hulled Inflatable Boat) charter boat licensed to carry 10 people with 2 crew. If poor weather makes off-shore diving difficult, there are many exciting shores dives accessible by our vehicles. Pool sessions are also an option. We have plenty of locations to ensure good diving and encounters with marine life on both wrecks and reefs.
As well as a main camera, the GoPro can be a valuable addition to any other underwater video kit. Having a very wide angle lens it can produce extremely dramatic shots. Wide angle lenses are undoubtedly a bonus when filming large wreck and reef areas, especially in poor visibility, but at the same time the more standard, longer focal lenses are good for concentrating on the smaller wildlife close ups. With this in mind I mount a GoPro on top of the Gates housing for my Sony handycam. This gives me the option of very wide shots from the GoPro and at the same time the normal variety of framing shots given by the handycam.

Depending on which course you are interested in, we also cover the art of editing where you will be guided through the process of producing a high quality DVD from your video clips.

Course options are:

1 day Trial Underwater Video filming course

2 day Underwater Video filming and editing course

5 day Underwater Video filming and editing course

5 day Underwater Video filming course