Freediving (free diving) Equipment sales

Atlantic Scuba dive centre now stocks a small range of freediving (free diving) equipment, at our shop in Mabe, near Penryn in Cornwall.

The world of freediving equipment is forever growing, as the demand is increasing. We have decided to stock some basics, suitable for the novice up to a capable freediver. Sopras Sub’s range of freediving gear, Sopras Apnea, have been chosen for their price and quality. We keep fins, masks, weight belts, weights, snorkels and even a freediving training buoy.

Neoprene socks

Freediving Snorkel

Free divers snorkel

Rubber weight belts

Low volume mask

Freediving fins

Freediver fins


5kg Freediving Shot Weight

10kg Freediving Shot Weight

2.5kg Additional weight for 10kg weight