Cylinder Fills

Atlantic Scuba currently offer scuba diving air cylinder fills and air gun cylinder fills up to 300 bar near Falmouth, in Cornwall.

The following prices are for normal opening hours only (9:00-17:30). If you require out of hours (7:00-9:00, 17:30-22:00) fills we can accommodate you if you have a minimum of 5 cylinders to be filled.

Prices for air fills are as follows:

  • 3L cylinders – £2 (232 Bar)
  • 5L/7L/10L/12L/15L cylinders  – £5 (232 Bar)
  • 300 Bar fills are an extra 50p per cylinder.

IMG_3176Our compressed air is tested at regular intervals, as required by the H.S.E., to B.S. EN 12021 and therefore certified as breathing quality air.

We can also provide Nitrox (Enriched Air) and Trimix for the Open Circuit Diver as well as Oxygen and Diluent top ups for the Rebreather (CCR) Diver.

We have a wide range of adapters for filling a wide range of cylinders. Whether they are DIN, Yoke, O2 Pin Index, Bullnose, 1/4″ BSP or M26, we can fill them.

Also specialising in air gun cylinder refills and PCP refills for up to 300B. We can also offer advice on getting the right cylinder for your needs.

We carry a range of second hand cylinders for scuba diving use or for recharging Pre Charged Pneumatic air guns.

For air fills around West Cornwall from Penzance to Truro or from Newquay to St Ives, Atlantic Scuba can help. Diving air Cornwall, PCP (pre charged pneumatic) air Cornwall, air gun fills Cornwall.