Equipment Hire

Individual items (per day)

Mask, Fins & Snorkel: £5

BCD: £10

Regulator with Octopus & Gauges: £15

Cylinder (first air fill included): £8

Weight belt with weights: £5

Wetsuit/semi-dry (inc. boots): £10

Package deals

Full Kit including semi-dry wetsuit: £35 per day.

Diving with us – Special Rates

If you are diving with Atlantic Scuba or it’s associates, we offer special kit hire rates. Whether this is an escorted dive or a boat dive.

  • Full kit hire excluding cylinders (day rate) – £15.
  • Cylinders £5 including air. Two dives requires 2 cylinders.

General Information

Atlantic Scuba provides hire services which cover all aspects of equipment. From the occasional extra cylinder to full kit for first open water dives, we can cater for all your needs.

Equipment is hired on a daily basis only, additional days offered at a 50% discount of the day rate. The equipment we provide is all serviced according to manufacturers recommendations, cylinders are tested according to national regulations.

Equipment must be returned on time, as per Atlantic Scuba’s conditions – this can effect your deposit if you don’t.

Equipment can only be reserved 7 days in advance.
The insurance of the loaned equipment is the responsibility of the customer.
Breakages or losses will be charged at the appropriate market price.
The customer is acknowledged to have the appropriate qualifications and skills to use the equipment provided. Their signature on the hire form is confirmation of this.

Whilst staff are fully trained to help and guide you, it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that all required equipment is present; i.e. hoses, hood etc.

Atlantic Scuba provides a substantial amount of hire kit and whilst we make every effort to fulfil the need for hire equipment, we cannot be held responsible in the event of a shortage of equipment; i.e. unable to provide the correct semi-drysuit size.

As much notice as possible is always appreciated if the equipment booking is to be cancelled.

If full kit is not required but single items price exceeds the day/weekend/weekly rate of full kit then the full kit charge will be the maximum. Full kit only includes 1 cylinder. An additional cylinder will be charged at the appropriate rate.