Feeding Congers on the Epsilon

The title was the text message that appeared on my phone yesterday. The Epsilon is one of the most dived wrecks out of Falmouth, some dive boats won’t go there unless asked, some go there all the time. I had never dived it, I had been told it was rubbish but Rock Island Bridge was supposed to be rubbish and I liked that. So I’ll have to see what my thoughts would be of the Epsilon.

We headed out of Falmouth on Westbay Lass, just six of us on board. The sender of the text message had sausages and tinned Mackerel to feed the Congers that lived in the boilers. It would make a change from just swimming around.

The Epsilon is in three pieces, we hopefully would end up around the boilers. After our descent we found ourselves close enough, about 10m from the boilers. The Conger feeders had entered before me, so I swam around the boilers to find them. I found them at the rear of one of the boilers holding a sausage on a stick, trying to entice the Conger out enough to get a photo and/or video clip. They did manage to get a couple of them out, all the sausages disappeared so did the Mackerel, they also got a few photos and some video clips.

Around the boilers there are quite a lot of pieces of wreckage, nothing large, some long bent and twisted girders. Some girders were sticking upright two to three metres, a few pieces of plate were lying around, I think they did a good job of dynamiting this wreck. On the various pieces of metal there were lots of Nudibranch Eggs, Cup Corals, Sea Squirts, Starfish, Urchins and even some Jewel Anemones on one of the girders. I never did see any Nudibranch, considering the amount of eggs around, but I did see two Candy Stripped Flatworms.

During the dive I clocked up a maximum depth of 25.9m, it was high tide. I liked the dive site, there wasn’t a lot of wreckage, there was some life, it was interesting and I would do it again.