East Narrows Wall Dive

The East Narrows is an area just off St Mawes where the deep natural channel narrows to around 200m. Marked by a green channel marking buoy with ‘East Narrows’ written on it, it can’t be missed.

The buoy is at the north end of a wall, the wall drops vertically from 15m down to 30m and is less than 100m long. The wall is covered in life including blennies, crabs, lobster and wrasse. At the bottom of the wall there is a gradual slope to the deepest part of the channel at around 36m. Along the bottom there is a lot of life including Catsharks, Thornback Rays, Starfish, all sorts of Crabs and Scallops. Back up the wall or the slope to around 12m – 6m and you’ll find Maerl (calcified seaweed) beds, within the beds there even more life including hermit crabs, anemones, crabs, tube worms and the odd scallop.

The East Narrows is an excellent dive with life to be seen at any depth from 6m to 36m, a dive worth doing and one that can be done when the sea is rough. Only strong southerlies will make it too rough to dive.

Dive Reports

East Narrows

Another East Narrows