Poseidon Premium Dealer

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As Poseidon Premium Dealers we stock a range of Poseidon equipment including regulators, masks, bags, semi dry suits, wings and harnesses.

We are also a Poseidon Service centre, trained in servicing most of the Poseidon equipment range. read more →

Retail Shop


Our Dive Centre and retail shop is located at Unit 1, Trenoweth Business Park, Mabe, Falmouth, TR10 9JH. The retail shop has a range of new as well as some second hand diving equipment for your everyday diving needs.

We have ranges from a variety of manufacturers, trying to get either the best dive gear or the best value for money. We can get almost any item to order from the manufacturers we deal with, within a few days, normally. We plan not to just stock ‘run of the mill’ items, certain stock line will be normally ‘hard to find’ in retail shops. read more →