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Maenporth Beach Shore Dive

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Beach shore dive

Swanpool Beach Shore Dive

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Swanpool Beach is one of the easiest shore dives around. The car park is one side of the road, the beach is the other and at high water it’s only a 10-15m walk to the water. With public toilets and a beach cafe it makes it even more welcoming. The cafe is open all year round during daylight hours. The car park costs £2.50 and that includes a free cup of tea. read more →

Gyllyngvase Beach & ss Ponus Shore Dive


Gyllyngvase Beach is very similar to Swanpool Beach just a few hundred metres south, in both depth and variety. The south end is by far the easiest to dive. You can park on the road just behind Victoria Park and walk around the path onto the beach. Following the reef edge along eventually you can reach a depth of 12m (HW) and coarse sand with some different life than the normal reefs around. read more →

Castle Beach & U-Boat Shore Dive


Castle Beach in located just on front of the Falmouth Beach Hotel. There is a slope down to the Ice Cream hut and another further slope to the beach. High water is preferred for ease of entry and for depth. Just to the right of the lower slope there is a small break in the reef where you can walk through if the water isn’t high enough. Past the reef and the sandy sea bed lies at around 6-8m. Following along the reef to the left, north, edge you will come across the remains of the fifth German WWI submarine. read more →

Swanpool Beach, Falmouth


Another local dive instructor always uses Swanpool Beach for escorted dives and Open Water courses. I thought it was about time we had a look to see what it was like. Ruth and I headed down there on an overcast Saturday afternoon to have a look at the south side first. When we arrived the other instructor was there with his entourage taking a couple for a Discover Scuba course an a couple of snorkellers. We parked in the car park for the massive cost of £2 and headed to the cafe for the free cup of tea the car park price included.

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Port Gaverne

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Port Gaverne is a small old fishing port next to Port Isaac. Before the advent of railways Delabole slate used to be shipped out mainly from Port Gaverne. On the northern side the footpath is actually cut into the rock for ships to come alongside, most ships would just be beached and re-floated at high water. The road out of Port Gaverne was actually made by the quarrying company.

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Port Gaverne Shore Dive


Location – Near Port Isaac

Depth – 9m Max

Access – Shore dive

Level – Scuba Diver or Open Water read more →

Pendennis Silver Steps


Five German U-Boats

At the end of WWI the captured German navy was all scuttled at Scapa Flow, Orkney. A lot of the fleet was re-floated and fleet was dispersed between the Allied Forces. The Royal Navy had a surplus of ships and had no need for the war battered remnants of the German fleet. A lot were to be used as target practice but five of the German U-Boats escaped being shot at one last time. read more →