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Hard Boat Charter – Moonshadow – Lochin 33 Dive Boat

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Moonshadow is the newest edition to our fleet.

Atlantic Scuba owns and operates it’s own 10m hard boat, Moonshadow. Moonshadow is available for full charter for one dive, two dives or for full day bookings. It also runs scheduled dives, where individuals can book on, for a 1 or 2 dive trip. ‘Moonshadow’ is a Category 3 MCA coded vessel, licensed to carry fourteen people, including two crew. It is fitted with a reliable Yanmar 240HP engine, it is both spacious and comfortable.

******************* NEW FOR 2020 – DIVER LIFT ********************

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Stingray Scheduled Boat Dives T&Cs


This page is the terms and conditions page for our Facebook group – Falmouth RHIB Diving on Stingray.

The only Rule of this group is: If you put your name down on a trip, you pay, unless YOU can find someone to take your place.

If you click going or ring us to say you are going, whatever the reason you have for not turning up, IT IS NOT UNDER OUR CONTROL. So the space you have reserved is still payable for. Just removing yourself from the event does not remove your liability, you must find a replacement or pay.

We keep our prices as reasonable as possible, if we get too many ‘no shows’, we shall have to increase our prices to cover them.

If you do not agree with these simple T&Cs, please remove yourself from the group. Repeat offenders will be removed, basically 3 strikes and you are out. You can still dive with us but payment will be required IN ADVANCE when you book your space, like nearly every dive boat in the U.K.

Scheduled Dives

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Scheduled Dives are usually listed on a Monday evening on our Facebook group – Falmouth RHIB Diving on Stingray – Expected maximum depth, price and ropes off times are also listed.

The closer dive sites are only £20 per person per dive, which includes:

  • St Just Pool
  • Stanwood
  • East Narrows
  • Fraggle Rock
  • Shore’s Rock
  • Andromeda
  • Killigerran
  • NG Petersen
  • Caroni Rivers
  • Epsilon
  • Old Wall
  • Volnay
  • Hera
  • Outer Bizzie
  • Gull Rock
  • Helford
  • Mohegan (Manacles)
  • Raglans Reef (Manacles)
  • Vase Rock (Manacles)

Beyond that, to our normal scheduled limits we charge £25, sites include:

  • City of Ghent
  • Lath Rock
  • Dodman Point
  • Lizard Point
  • Carmarthen
  • Citrine
  • Veritas

For boat charter, see RHIB boat charter page for Stingray.

Dive Boats


Atlantic Scuba owns and operates two Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats (RHIBs), as well as a 10m hard boat, Moonshadow.


Stingray is moored in the Fal River at Mylor, ideally situated for access to Falmouth Bay, the Manacles, the Lizard, Gerrans Bay and Veryan Bay. It also makes it ideal for small groups and individuals, for our advertised scheduled dives.

Stingray at Scubafest

Stingray at Scubafest


Starfish is kept on a trailer, to be launched anywhere it is required. This may be Plymouth, Penzance, Hayle, Newquay or Rock. It can be booked as a complete boat charter only, we do not offer individual spaces unless it is being used in conjunction with Stingray, when Stingray is fully booked.

Starfish on trailer

Starfish on trailer


Moonshadow is moored at Mylor Yacht Harbour, close to Stingray. It has easy access to the Carrick Roads, Falmouth Bay, the Manacles, the Lizard, Gerrans Bay, Veryan Bay and Dodman Point. Available for full boat charter for a single dive or multi day diving. It can also be relocated anywhere along the south Cornish coast, including Penzance, Mevagissey, Fowey or even Plymouth.

Moonshadow with Lift

Moonshadow with Lift

Wreck Hunter

Wreck Hunter is a support vessel for our coded vessels. It is permanently mounted on a trailer, so can be launched anywhere, although it has to be used in conjunction with a coded vessel.

Wreck Hunter on BBC1

Wreck Hunter on BBC1

Solo Diving

We often get asked whether we allow Solo Diving from our boats. Our answer is, that is up to you, as an individual, to make the decision. If you require confirmation, we do recognise the SDI Solo Diver qualification, as suitable for Solo Diving. We even teach it. We do not recognise any other qualification for Solo Diving.

Snorkelling Trips by Boat around Falmouth


Our commercially coded dive RHIB, Stingray, is used regularly for scuba diving and free diving trips, it is also used for snorkelling trips.

A typical 5 hour day at sea, for up to 10 people, would see us leave Mylor Yacht Harbour at around 10am. Returning at around 3pm.

We have two usual routes, although we can go almost anywhere you like, within reason. Routes are usually chosen based around the wind direction. Below are the two usual routes:

Eastern Route: Fraggle Rock (St Anthony’s Lighthouse), Seal Caves, Shore’s Rock, Andromeda Wreck, Killigerran Head (or Seal Beach if it is low water).

Southern Route: Hole in the wall, UB86, UC92, ss Ponus, Ben Asdale.

The Southern route sites are all easily accessed from shore, it is a lot easier from a boat though.

A 5 hour trip costs £350 without kit, or £400 including Mask, Snorkel, Fins and a Wetsuit.

An 8 hour trip is £550 including any required kit.

If we see any interesting wildlife on the way, we will stop to watch if requested.

Mylor Yacht Harbour Information

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Moonshadow and Stingray are both kept at Mylor Yacht Harbour, here is some information on both Mylor and the boats.

Mylor Yacht Harbour is situated just outside Falmouth, TR11 5UF, within the Carrick Roads (the Fal river estuary). It has many facilities that makes it a great place for a base for a dive boat.

There is plenty of parking available, within two small car parks close to the marina and at either side of the half mile long valley (boat lay-up area).

There are public toilets next to Cafe Mylor. Outside the berth holders toilet/shower block, there is a warm water kit wash.

Cafe Mylor has some excellent food, they are used to people in wetsuits going in to order food, we usually sit outside though, with a view over the harbour. Castaways is a very good, quality restaurant.

Below is an aerial photo of Mylor Yacht Harbour (courtesy of the Channel Coastal Observatory), various features are coloured, see the legend below.

Mylor Yacht Harbour

Mylor Yacht Harbour

Green – Car Park (pay & display, £5 all day)
Yellow – Kit drop off area
Red – Our Trolleys (behind the lower car park pay and display machine)
Cyan – Cafe Mylor
Blue – Boat (loading/pick up location, this varies depending on how many boats are visiting)

Where will the boat be?

The boat will be situated at the blue marked area on the aerial photograph above. It will arrive around 10 minutes before R.O. time, unless on the Eastern arm where it will arrive a little earlier.

What does R.O. mean?

R.O. stands for Ropes Off, the time the boat plans to leave the quayside. So get there beforehand, an hour before works well,  to get your kit ready and on the boat before that time.

How long will we be out?

We rarely do two dives per trip, unless asked. So most trips are just one dive. We normally state 2.5-3 hours for a recreational dive trip. So not too long to wait for the toilet.

The following on really apply to the RHIB. RHIB diving is a very effective and efficient way of scuba diving from a boat. RHIBs are usually much faster than hard boats, they are also more economical. Here are some of the questions we get frequently asked about RHIBs:

How do you get back on the boat?

When stationary, RHIBs usually sit very low in the water, the closer to the stern, the lower they sit. You have to haul yourself in using the ropes and grab handles provided. If you make yourself very buoyant first, it is quite easy, we will always help you if you need it.

Where’s the toilet?

Unfortunately, this is one area RHIBs lose against hard boats. We don’t have one.

If we are doing two dives, what do we do with our kit?

Leave your kit on the boat, just switch cylinders.

Where do we put stuff we want to keep dry?

To be honest, your car will be best. The is very little dry storage on a RHIB. We have a dry box to place your car keys but that’s about it.

If you have any other questions about diving from our boat, please contact us.

We are a very social group, if we are at Mylor around lunchtime, we have lunch at the cafe. On a two dive day, we stop at the cafe between dives. After mid afternoon dives, we usually stop for a drink and a piece of cake.

We call this ‘civilised diving’ 🙂

Film & Media Boat Charter

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Stingray is a stable vessel and is useful as a base for film & media work. Although it may not have the space and comfort of Moonshadow, it does have speed and manoeuvrability, as well as accessibility to shallow sites in it’s favour.

It has been used in:

  • Two different Rosamunde Pilcher films made by FFP New Media for German TV
  • BBC Radio Cornwall live broadcast platform
  • BBC One Show for filming a Freediving feature with Ian Donald and Andy Torbet
  • BBC One Show as a featured boat, as well as for filming a piece with Miranda Krestovnikoff
  • Numerous features for as a base for some featured dives with Jeff Goodman
  • Jocks and Nerds magazine, Tudor watches freediving Photoshoot with Ian Donald
  • Scuba Magazine Photoshoots and article features with Mark Milburn and Nick Lyon
  • ITV Countrywise with Ben Fogle, Freediving at Longships reef, Lands End
  • BBC Spotlight South West, multiple programs
  • BBC Inside Out, featured boat, surface camera boat
  • Poldark safety/guard boat, photographer’s boat, mounted mobile reflective screen, S03Ep05
  • Farer Aqua Compressor freediving shoot, camera boat, location scout and location advisor
  • Sunday Telegraph feature looking for Barrel Jellyfish
  • Fishing Impossible, series 2, Jay’s transfer boat

Moonshadow is an excellent filming platform too. It has been used in:

  • When Cruises go wrong – Channel 4 – Filming platform
  • Devon and Cornwall (S02 Ep01) – Channel 4 – Hero boat as well as Filming Platform
  • Cornwall with Simon Reeve Ep02 – BBC 2 – Filming Platform as well as being involved with the actual project.





Dive Boats and Boat Services

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Stingray Dive Charter RHIB – Licensed and insured vessel available for:

Mylor Yacht Harbour Information

11942243_918979378173909_8526842959662884944_oIt is also a good Scuba diving school dive boat, for Cornwall anyway.

RHIB Support Boat, Wreck Hunter


Atlantic Scuba owns and operates a RHIB (Ridged Hulled Inflatable Boat) as a support boat.

‘Wreck Hunter’ is used as a support vessel to either Stingray or Moonshadow, it is not coded for commercial use but can be used in conjunction with either. It can carry any extra equipment that may be required, whether that may be diving equipment, filming or survey equipment. It has a reasonable sized deck area for it’s size and it is fitted with a single Mariner 75HP 2 stroke engine, it is fast, reliable.

Available only for hire alongside one of our coded vessels, and only for equipment carrying use.

Wreck Hunter

Wreck Hunter

Wreck Hunter can be launched from almost anywhere in Cornwall. To wherever our coded vessels are required.

Price On Application.

Wreck Hunter on BBC1

Wreck Hunter, as seen on BBC1

Wreck Hunter has been used as a support vessel for various projects, a glimpse of it in action was spotted on BBC 1 South West’s Inside Out.

When not in use as a support vessel, we use it for personal use, hunting wrecks, hence the name, ‘Wreck Hunter’.

RHIB Boat Charter, Starfish

Starfish is currently being completely rebuilt, replacement engine, new tubes, new electronics, in fact the only original part left will be the hull. It should be ready for the 2020 season. This page will be active again once Starfish has undergone it’s rebuild.

Atlantic Scuba owns and operates two RHIBs (Ridged Hulled Inflatable Boats) as dive charter boats. ‘Starfish’ is a Category 4 MCA coded RHIB, licensed to carry 12 people including the boat skipper. It is fitted with a single Mercury 200HP Optimax 2 engine, it is very fast, reliable, quiet and comfortable.

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