Castle Beach & U-Boat Shore Dive

Castle Beach in located just on front of the Falmouth Beach Hotel. There is a slope down to the Ice Cream hut and another further slope to the beach. High water is preferred for ease of entry and for depth. Just to the right of the lower slope there is a small break in the reef where you can walk through if the water isn’t high enough. Past the reef and the sandy sea bed lies at around 6-8m. Following along the reef to the left, north, edge you will come across the remains of the fifth German WWI submarine.It is the remains of UC-92, a German mine laying submarine, which crashed onto the rocks in 1921. Identifiable by the six circular features near the bow, these were the shafts that held the mines. It has been heavily salvaged as those at the Silver Steps have but there is more wreckage left than any of the others. Maximum depth along the reef is about 8m, further out there isn’t a lot to see apart from course sand. The usual reef fish of wrasse, pollack & whiting are to be found as well as small crabs and starfish.

Avoid in strong easterly or any south easterly winds. Boat traffic isn’t a major problem it is advisable to have a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) following you at all times.