Cannonballs 0 – Cuttlefish 2

Bad Weather

The continuing northerly winds had permanently blown out the north coast. It was now so strong it was starting to affect the south coast. We were going out to do the stern section of the Caroni Rivers, a tanker that sank in Falmouth Bay, and subsequently blown up to clear the way for shipping traffic. The bits that are left, lie just a mile or so out to sea.

Getting a bit rough

As we started to clear the protection of Pendennis Head, Jason the skipper of Westbay Lass, decided that it was going to be a bit rough for most on board. The next choice was the cannon ball site. There is an area off Pendennis point that was used for target practice for the cannons situated on the headland, a local diver once brought up 7 cannonballs in one dive, it sounded like a plan.

Looks familiar

We all jumped in with our lift bags and goody bags trying to find obscure lumps that would be encrusted cannonballs. The bottom was at about 22m, mainly sand and dead Maerl. We all swam in different directions to see what we could find.
Looking around there was a lot of hermit crabs and brittle stars, the odd edible crab and a few dogfish. Very similar to the dive in St Austell bay last weekend. The only difference was that there were quite a few scallops around. I also came across 2 cuttle fish, 1 had planted itself firmly on the bottom and had no intention of moving. The other was free swimming and a little smaller, it wasn’t happy to see me. There were no cannonballs in sight, so the final score was cannonballs 0 – cuttle fish 2, scallops about 30, yum.

As I was looking for cannonballs it wouldn’t have been a good idea to take my camera, so I didn’t, so no pictures.