Cannon Ball Site!

Dive Details

  • Launched from – Falmouth
  • Boat used – Starfish
  • Date – 14/09/07
  • Time – 18:49
  • Max Depth 18.0m
  • Duration – 56 minutes
  • Temp – 15C
  • Rating – 4

Just outside of the Fal estuary there is an area known by local divers as the cannon ball site. Local diver have brought up many cannon balls from here over the years and every now and then we dive there to see what’s around. It was our usual Friday evening dive and this site was selected as a change.

We headed out and jumped in. It’s a shallow site, maximum depth was 18m. I landed on a mix of sand and dead Maerl, the area is covered in a mixture of Crabs. Hermit crabs, Edible and Decorator Crabs. The first creature I came across was a large cuttlefish which soon jetted off as I got too close. I looked around for cannon balls but all I found were Scallops, they had recently stopped dredging the area and the stocks were improving greatly. Eventually I came across two small pieces of copper sheet, they went in the bag with the Scallops. I then came across a huge anchor, roughly eight feet long and six feet across with a huge white sponge on it, it wasn’t very old unlike the copper pieces. After roughly an hour I sent up my DSMB with my bag attached and made my way to the surface without a cannon ball.

Back on the boat I was talking to the other divers, Sharky had found a cannon ball! I was also told of another diver who had 18 from the same site, no wonder there’s not many left! Some comments were made about my pieces of copper
sheet, why on earth would I want them. I explained that early timber ships used copper sheet as anti-fouling, these could be hundreds of years old. If not at the current copper price they were worth about £3.50