Cannon Ball Site Reef at Night Again

Dive Details

  • Launched from – Falmouth
  • Boat used – Cousin Jack
  • Date – 9/11/07
  • Time – 18:17
  • Max Depth – 19.1m
  • Duration – 62 minutes
  • Temp – 13C
  • Rating – 4

Our usual Friday night dive only saw seven of us venturing out. The options were the channel (Carrick Roads) or the cannon ball site reef. As there is a lot more life around the reef and the recent 300 year old bottle found there it was an obvious choice really.

Scallops, Squid, Thornback Ray, Dogfish, Cuttlefish and all the normal reef fish adorned the site. No Octopus this time, nor any 300 year old bottles or cannon balls. Another nice dive though.