Cannon Ball Site Reef at Night

Friday night out of Falmouth had re-started, 6pm at the Marina on Shaun’s re-engined and renamed Offshore 125, ‘Cousin Jack’. Cousin Jack was the nickname given to Cornish tin miners there are many different explanations as to why, the most common is that ‘Jack’ was a common name and the miners would always ask if there was a job for his cousin called ‘Jack’.

The cannon ball site was chosen again, the channel can get boring time after time and with the recent rainfall the visibility would be reduced. The area isn’t greatly affected by tides and there are cannon balls and Scallops to be had. It was decided that we would drop onto the reef which showed on the sounder about 2m high, this area hopefully still had some cannonballs around it. As we descended from the dusk above to the black below torches fired up around. I landed on the edge of the reef and made my way out looking for cannon balls or Scallops. It wasn’t long before I came across a large Cuttlefish laying on the seabed, I got very close, it didn’t seem too bothered. A little further on a large Red Gurnard ‘walked’ along the bottom, but as I got too close it shot off. The scallops were starting to mount up now but no cannon balls yet. I then came across a small Squid, then another Cuttlefish and another Gurnard. Was I going round in Circles? Not according to the compass. Then another three larger Squid and another Cuttlefish and a different Gurnard. I ended up back on the rocky reef, it was quite interesting but without too much life apart from a large Wrasse trying to get some sleep. Back off the reef and another single Squid and more Cuttlefish and another Gurnard, there were certainly a lot around this evening as well as all the usual Decorator , Edible and Spider Crab’s and the odd small fish. Swimming along the reef I cam across another Scolianthus Calimorphus, a tube worm that was exactly the same as the one I had spotted in the channel a year or so ago, that was number ten so this may be number eleven, it was quite a bit larger than the last. My planned hour dive was soon up, after a maximum depth of 20.6m with the reef coming up to around 18m I made my way back to the surface.

On board everyone had a few Scallops but there was only one cannon ball, and it wasn’t mine either!