Cannon Ball Site again!

Dive Details

  • Launched from – Falmouth
  • Boat used – Cousin Jack
  • Date – 23/11/07
  • Time – 18:28
  • Max Depth – 21.8m
  • Duration – 51minutes
  • Temp – 13C
  • Rating – 4

While it is always good to be diving, sometimes doing the same dive over and over again can get boring. Luckily I haven’t got bored with the cannon ball site just yet. We seem to dive a different place each time, so it’s always different. This week I ended up in an area mainly covered by sand. The dive started as per normal but using my co-ordinates for cannon balls.

We dropped down and found the usual Brittle Stars covering most of the bottom. I swam along picking up a couple of Scallops, then came the first cannon ball, I stuck it in my bag and sent it up with four Scallops. No more Scallop collecting as that was my only bag. Time to use the camera. I was hoping for a nice Thornback Ray, as I still needed a good photo of one.

I came across the usual Hermit Crabs and Starfish of various types, several Queenie Scallops as well as the more common King Scallops. There were various bits of junk lying around including a door lock and a large valve.

A Red Mullet lay there not too perturbed by my presence, just moving around slowly. A smallish Cuttlefish was also not upset by my presence, in fact it didn’t want to move at all. Apart from a few large Edible Crabs there wasn’t a lot of other life around, but it was still a pleasant dive.