Our Background

Atlantic Scuba was founded in 2007 by Mark Milburn. From very small beginnings, a shed in his garden, it has grown. There is now a well stocked retail shop, next to the extensively equipped dive school. Located on the outskirts of Mabe near Penryn/Falmouth, there is comfortable seating for people to visit and chat. Atlantic Scuba has it’s own Dive Charter Boat too, with a second one on it’s way.

Before Atlantic Scuba was officially started, it was known as something that was going to happen. In 2002 Mark bought his first major diving acquisition, Sub Aqua World in Port Gaverne. Sub Aqua World was a small dive centre, offering boat dives from their RHIB, air fills and PADI scuba diving courses. The boat had already been sold but the rest of the centres equipment, was later to become the start of Atlantic Scuba. It was also in 2002 that Mark bought his first RHIB, Wreck Hunter. Wreck Hunter was sold to help pay for the purchase of Stingray, it was subsequently bought back for use as a support and dive site search vessel.

After the official formation of Atlantic Scuba, premises were sought. Eventually, a suitable location was found at Mabe. Trenoweth Business Park was a disused quarry, owned by a local ex dive boat skipper, Shaun. Shaun used to own and operate Redeemer, followed by Autumn Dream (renamed Cousin Jack), trading as Bay Marine. Mark had dived from Shaun’s boats for several years and decided to take on a unit in his yard. Six months later, Atlantic Scuba expanded and took on the unit next to it, for equipment servicing and testing under the name of Cornwall Cylinder Testing. CCT started with the small compressor from Sub Aqua World and a very small air bank. Since then it has upgraded it’s compressor and currently runs a larger Bristol compressor, with the small one as a back up. The air bank grew when we acquired Bill Bowen’s air bank from Penzance, he retired from filling cylinders after 35 years on the quay so no longer needed it.

A year or so later, some of the assets of Whitsand Bay Divers were purchased, including it’s compressor, air bank, mixing panels and some of the school equipment and shop’s stock. Not long after that, most of the school equipment of Starfish Divers was also purchased. The next acquisition was the RHIB of Starfish Divers, called ‘Starfish Divers 1’. The Starfish Divers RHIB was originally Looe Divers boat, ‘Looe Diver 1’. It is now known as just ‘Starfish’, which fits quite well name wise as a sister vessel with Stingray.