Jan 4, 2016

Quarry diving.


With the continued strong winds, our local sea conditions have kept us away. It has been 6 weeks since it was good enough to take the boat out. We looked at one of the few locations that might be dive-able yesterday, the water was a shade of brown that we didn’t like, we don’t like any shade of brown.

This has meant we will be looking at quarries again, we have dived a few around and now have permission to dive some more. People of Facebook liked our pictures of one of our local quarries and would like to see photos of theirs. One of these quarries was started in 1710, no one knows how long ago it stopped working, I doubt that there will be any workings left in there but you never know what might have been dumped in there over the years. There was a recent story in the news of a Bugatti Type 22 being recovered from a lake some 70 years after it went in there. We are not expecting to find a Bugatti Type 22, maybe a Massey Ferguson Type 1 LOL!

Whatever we find, we shall share the information.