What we do

Quite often we get asked “What do you do?”



Whilst we could give a simple answer, such as “Almost everything to do with diving”, that doesn’t really create interest or inspire anyone to get into diving. We have started to use the phrase “the centre for diving”, as that is what we do, we dive a lot.

So what do we do?

Our main aim is to go diving and to get others diving. Whether it is shallow or deep, wreck or reef, squidge or spidge, we aim to help you get diving and go diving ourselves.

On a day to day basis we:

  • teach scuba diving courses
  • escort qualified divers
  • take divers out on our dive boats
  • service equipment
  • test cylinders
  • sell new and used diving equipment
  • drink a lot of tea

We also do a lot of more fun stuff, not so day to day

  • hunt for new wrecks
  • look for new dive sites in the area
  • organise underwater litter picks
  • help with maritime archaeological projects
  • visit historic wreck sites
  • remove ‘ghost fishing’ nets and pots
  • help with scientific research projects
  • write for magazines
  • work with students on various media projects
  • film and photograph the underwater world
  • dive for scallops and oysters
  • drink more tea

The list of things we get involved with and have got involved with, is really varied, it is a lot more extensive than this list. The work we do with a professional maritime archaeologist and author, a professional marine biologist and an award winning cameraman is forever evolving and increasing. Not to forget our SCUBA magazine columnist and our numerous TV appearances.

Atlantic Scuba dive school, Cornwall’s fun dive centre, UK.