Volnay Wreck

SS Volnay was a 4,610grt, 285ft long defensively-armed British Merchant Ship. On the 14th December 1917 when on route from Montreal for Plymouth she hit a mine when 2 miles E by S from the Manacles, Cornwall. Owned by Gow, Harrison & Co, Glasgow. It tried to beach itself at Porthallow but didn’t make it and it sank in 22m. The general cargo of tinned meat, butter, jam, coffee, cigarettes, peanuts, potato crisps & timber has all disappeared, but the anti-personnel shells are still to be found. The lead shot from the shells are prolific around the site.

The wreck lays well broken after having allegedly been dynamited twice as a hazard to shipping, maybe it was to destroy the anti-personnel shells. The Volnay can be dived at all states of the tide and is only affected by easterly or southerly winds.

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