trimix dive

Lady of the Isles

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The Lady of the Isles was a cable layer for the navy at the time of it’s sinking. It was under tow when it hit a mine. It now lies in a depth of around 52m and is another easy trimix dive. Small enough to complete in a single trimix dive, the stern is quite intact while the bow section is quite broken.

Rinovia HMT

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The HMT Rinovia was a steam fishing vessel, requisitioned as a mine sweeper in 1939. In 1940, it hit a mine and sank. It now lies in around 55m and is a really nice shallow trimix dive. It is small enough to be covered in a single dive, even at this depth. Lying fairly intact and upright, it can have a covering of fishing nets, which are themselves, normally covered in Plumose anemones.