rock island bridge

FreeDiving Day Southern Wrecks

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Departing from Mylor Yacht Harbour, near Falmouth, at 10:00, the boat heads south. Arriving at our first site, the steam ship (ss) Volnay Wreck (22m high water springs, 17m low water springs) around 10:30. The wreck was a WWI merchant vessel, it hit a mine in 1917, then attempted to beach at Porthallow but foundered. A shot line will be dropped on the shallowest part of the wreck, the ships boilers. The top of the boilers are around 4m off of the seabed, making the top as shallow as 13m at low water. read more →

Rock Island Bridge wreck

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The Rock Island Bridge was a American Cargo Steamer of 3,545 tons that sank in the Helford Passage, near Falmouth. It was under tow after a collision with the American Steamer the “S.S. Kenosha”¬†on the 23rd March 1920. It was certain it was going to sink so it was taken to the south entrance of the Helford rather than the Fal. After attempts to re-float it failed it was dynamited to flatten it as it would be a danger to shipping. read more →